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Mobile Computing

The capacity of the utilization of the techniques at the time of motion unrelated to mobile computers that which are simply realistic during exposure at the time of utilization in an inactive design. In the present scenario there is a high mobility in the utilization of the computers unlike prior generation at the time of implementation in the office, at home or may be on the roadside making use of several sources and techniques such as laptops, desktops and handhelds.
Suraj Informatics consists of various specialized technology in wireless applications enhancement that are patterned and created with various wireless technologies and resolutions for PDA, Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry and various another mobile applications. We have a highly specialized team with years of experience in reputed companies related to wireless techniques. Suraj Informatics mobile computing Services permits mobile devices to operate at full-fledged of corporate services and details from various locations all the time. It enhances and promotes growth in the productivity of mobile devices by linking them towards the corporate detailed devices and by means of automating paper related procedures.

Following are the benefits of Mobile Computing Services by Suraj Informatics:

Mobile Computing is considered as a multipurpose and planned technique which enhances the quality of the information and admittances, promotes the affectivity of the operations and thus improvises the efficiency of the management.

1. our mobile computing services offers mobile personnel along with the remote accessibility to work order information, like work order areas, needed date completion, history of an asset, suitable warranties and service agreements.
2. It provides the admittance for mobile sales workforce for updating of the status of the work order in real-time, servicing brilliant communication.
3. Promotes corporate services to the corporate information at the areas of work.
4. Our Mobile Computing Services enhances the efficiency of the management by improvising the detailed quality, supply of details and the capability to hand-held mobile personnel.

The WORKABOUT PRO is efficient, programmable and wider transferable collection of the data workstation, created for data collection requirements in its range. It is found in Windows mobile 2003 SE or else Windows CE. NET configurations.

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Mobile Computing

The ability of someone of utilization of the technology while moving, opposite to the portable computers that are used practically for employ while installed in a stationery configuration is termed as mobile computing. Now-a-days computer user is considered to be much mobile compared to the previous scenario with the requirement of the access to the company resources when they are installed in the office, at home and on the roadside utilizing variety of several equipments involving desktops, laptops and handhelds.
Suraj Informatics is one of the leading IT companies that offer mobile computing solutions with accessing the management of the mobile work environment and its manifold mobile equipments trouble-free and much more efficient by means of an integrated set of tools which simplifies IT management procedure around ones traditional and mobile computing environments.

Services for Mobile Computing

1. Our mobile computing equipments and services possess higher reliability of data – theft of standalone computer determines of vanishing and stealing of data. However, here all the details and information is stored on a particular static server.
2. Suraj Informatics provides solutions that authorize mobile workforces with the motive of maximization of offering efficiency and growth of productivity for the development of the business, increase in profitability and surviving with the competition in the market.

Relevance of Mobile Computing

Suraj Informatics offers and supplies innovative and advanced range of products which put forward while delivering quality and dependable mobile computing services to its consumers involving RFID systems. Network controllers and wireless gateways delivers high performance thus securing services for data capturing, transferring and accessing.


Suraj Informatics is one of the leading IT Company that focuses on consumer’s expectations and tries to meet their requirements by delivering quality services to them.

Mobile Computing

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Wi-Fi is a wireless technology utilized for inter-operable access within the devices. The use of Wi-fi makes to access the information in a much easier way for several manufacturers within the devices thus reducing physical restraints of wiring specially in case of mobile devices. Wi-Fi technology is supported various personal computer operating systems, game consoles, laptops, smart phones, printers and additional peripherals.

PC, game console, mobile phone, MP3 player or PDA is facilitated with the help of Wi-Fi technology with the connection to the Internet between the series of a wireless network that is fixed up with the Internet. The inter-connection of one or more access points is known as a hotspot. The hotspot technology can cover the area compared to a small room with the help of wireless-opaque walls or as huge as much of the square miles protected by partly covering access points. Wi-Fi hotspots technology is frequently used by organizations or businesses like airports, hotels and restaurants at free costs for attracting and providing guidance to the clients.

The most trouble-free option available is the wireless LAN solution for traditional wired network. Once the wireless access point and bridge is attached to Ethernet backbone with the help of connector RJ-45, the mobile users, transitory work sites are supported by the access point and the bridge complicated for wire environments and access remote for the network data for the corporation. Wi-Fi can enhance productivity, promote communication, sharing the information and corporation, tightening the security and raising the safety for various campuses and enterprises with the perk up of the employee and customer relations.

The assortment of Suraj Enterprises has been provided the services of WI-Fi and mesh networks which is provided at present in the organizations. However, our expert team are always ready to assist you to choose the convenient technology that effective and efficient for one’s purpose and use in addition of delivering a complicated suite of services commencing of network design with the help of installation, operation and management of your network system.

Network Solutions


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